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Fragile Musings

Wearables that help you muse

Fragile Musings presents a collection of secret carriers. Pieces that echo romantic traditions and silently allude to the melancholic beauty of sentiments. Lockets expose sweet sceneries for the heart, ear pieces and objects hide playful surprises. Once worn, rings and brooches come to life and wave along with the moving body. These wearables invite you to unconditionally cherish and dream. They philander with the public eye and allure the curious to muse along.

Click (single click on desktop, dubble click on mobile) on the images to see the whole collection.

Fragile Musings is a collection created during a residency at Bishopsland Educational Trust. At this peculiar place near Reading (United Kingdom), a small group of silversmiths and jewellery designers are admitted annually for an intense eleven-month training program (know more).

This residency would've never been possible without the support of the King Baudouin Foundation (know more).

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