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Charlotte Vanhoubroeck

Strives to turn tears into pearls

Charlotte Vanhoubroeck (°1991, Belgium) graduated as a Master of Arts in Art History at Ghent University (2013). There she specialised in fashion and jewellery history of the romantic era and more specifically performed research on the royal wardrobe of the first queen of the Belgians, Louise-Marie d’Orléans.


She subsequently obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Luca School of Arts, Ghent (2016), while at the same time studying Jewellery, Gold- and Silversmithing at d’Academie Beeld, Sint-Niklaas. After graduating at d’Academie (2018) she became self-employed and left Belgium for the post graduate program for Silversmithing and Jewellery at Bishopsland Educational Trust in Reading, United Kingdom (2019).


After returning to Belgium, she finished her Master in Object & Jewellery at PXL-MAD School of Arts, Hasselt (2020). There she is currently working on a PhD in the Arts with the support of FWO. Her research focusses on the lost sentimental jewellery of queen Louise-Marie d’Orléans, which she’s investigating and reactivating from a contemporary point of view. In doing so she hopes to bring this nearly forgotten queen, whom Charlotte has developed a personal affinity with, closer to today’s audience.

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2024: Brussels Jewellery Week, PARTICLE[S], Brussels, (BE)

2024: Munich Jewellery Week, (Un)Avowable Secrets, Munich (DE)

2023: Gallery Lalabeyou, Missing Memories, Madrid (ES)

2023: Galerie für Schmuck · Kunst · Design, Armschmuck - Eine runde Sache?, Pforzheim (DE) 

2023: Espace Solidor Museum, DNA - Une chaîne de créateurs, Cagnes-sur-Mer (FR)

2023: Melting Point, Arte Y Joya Finalists
, Valencia (ES)

2023: Melting Point, Missing Memories
, Valencia (ES)

2023: MAD Gallery at PXL-MAD School of Arts, In Absence, Hasselt (BE)

2023: Munich Jewellery Week, Treasures, Trials & Troubles, Munich (DE)

2023: Inhorgenta, Brand New, Munich (DE)

2023: Gallery Alliages, Missing Memories, Lille (FR)

2023: Museo de Artes Decorativas de Madrid, Arte Y Joya Finalists, Madrid (ES)

2022: Hannah Gallery, Preziosa Young 2021, Barcelona (ES)

2022: Galerie Door, Preziosa Young 2021, Veghel (NL)

2022: Museum of Applied Arts and Design, at the International Biennial of Contemporary Metal Art, METALLOphoneMemory of the Place, Vilnius (LT)

2022: Florence Jewellery Week, Preziosa Young 2021, Florence (IT)

2022: Inhorgenta Munich 2022, Preziosa Young 2021, Munich (DE)

2022: Brussels Jewellery Week, BJW Tour - Alliages Gallery, Brussels (BE)

2022: Brussels Jewellery Week, Be.NEXT, Brussels (BE)

2022: Munich Jewellery Week, Until Death Do Us Part, Munich (DE)

2022: 66 Mistral Gallery, Arte Y Joya Finalists, Barcelona (ES)

2022: Gallery Alliages, Until Death Do Us Part, Lille (FR)

2021: Studio Squina, Arte Y Joya Finalists, Madrid (ES)

2021: Galerie Gerritse, Bezield, Middelburg (NL)

2021: Brooklyn Metal Works, Hearts + Flowers, Brooklyn New York (US)

2021: Gallery Hectare, Boîte avec couvercle, Brussels (BE)

2021: Gallery for Applied Arts, BKV-Preis 2021 für Junges Kunsthandwerk, Munich (DE)

2021: Munich Jewellery Week, MAD_(re)walk, Munich (DE)
☞ cancelled due to Covid-19

2021: Internationale Handwerksmesse at MJW, BKV-Preis 2021 für Junges Kunsthandwerk, Munich (DE)
☞ cancelled due to Covid-19

2021: Collect Art Fair, Bishopsland Educational Trust at Collect 2021, London (UK)

☞ cancelled due to Covid-19

2020 - 2021: Gallery Alliages, Painful Hope, Lille (FR)


2020: Broelkaai 6, We Are The Next Generation, Kortrijk (BE)

2020: Huis Pauwels Spaenjers, Unlocked Extended 2020, Hasselt (BE)


2020: Athens Jewellery Week, Broken Beauty, Athens (GR)

☞ postponed due to Covid-19


2020: Melting Point, Broken Beauty, Valencia (ES) 

☞ cancelled due to Covid-19


2020: Munich Jewellery Week, MADwalk, Munich (DE) 

☞ cancelled due to Covid-19


2020: Munich Jewellery Week, Broken Beauty, Munich (DE) 

☞ cancelled due to Covid-19


2019 - 2020: Gallery Alliages, Broken Beauty, Lille (FR)


2019: d’Academie Beeld, Legaat Hulstaert, Sint-Niklaas (BE)

2019: Bishopsland Educational Trust, Retro, Reading (UK)

2019: Henley Festival of Music & the Arts, Bishopsland Educational Trust, Henley-on-Thames (UK)

2019: Jacobs the Jewellers, Young Designer Exhibition, Reading (UK)

2018 - 2019: Goldsmith’s Centre, Getting Started 2019, London (UK)

2018: Bishopsland Educational Trust, Christmas at Bishopsland, Reading (UK)

2017: d’Academie Beeld, Laureates Wim Ibens Prize, Sint-Niklaas (BE)


2017: Museum Hof van Busleyden, Common Ground, Mechelen (BE)


Prizes & Nominations

2023: Wim Ibens Prize - Jewellery Design (BE)

2023: Wim Ibens Prize - Silversmithing (BE)

2022: Inhorgenta Special Prize, Munich (GE)

2022: LAO Special Prize, Florence (IT)

2021: Preziosa Young Award 2021, Florence (IT)

2021: BKV-Preis 2021 für Junges Kunst-handwerk (commendation), Munich (DE)


2019: Young Designer Competition - Best Jewellery Design (runner-up), Reading (UK)

2018: Legaat Hulstaert Prize, Sint-Niklaas (BE)


2020 - 2024: PhD fellowship, research in the Arts at PXL-MAD School of Arts (UHasselt) supported by FWO

2020: Vocatio Laureate  Know more

2017: King Baudouin Foundation Laureate, Gustave Boël-Sofina Grant for Handicraft  Know more


As author

Vanhoubroeck, Charlotte. “Pictorial Echoes of Love, Grief and Status. The Iconographical

Importance of the Ever-Present Bracelet of Queen Louise-Marie d’Orléans.” COLLATERAL 37 (June 2023).

Know more

Vanhoubroeck, Charlotte. "De sentimentele juwelen van Louise-Marie van Orléans. Een artistieke reactivatie van materiële herinneringen." FORUM+ 29, no. 3 (Oktober 2022): 22-29.

Know more


Vanhoubroeck, Charlotte. "Confabulation as Artistic Method. Reactivating the Sentimental Jewellery of Louise-Marie d'Orléans." COLLATERAL 34 (April 2021).

Know more

Vanhoubroeck, Charlotte. "Binnenkijken bij L'Argent." COLLATERAL 4 (2016). 

Know more

Vanhoubroeck, Charlotte. "Een romantische garderobe: De kleding van Louise-Marie van Orléans, eerste koningin der Belgen." Tijd- schrift voor Interieurgeschiedenis en Design 41 (2019): 59-82. 

Know more


"MADly Mastered." Current Obsession Paper for Munich Jewellery Week 2021 (08/03/2021). ☞ Know more

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"Silversmith students stage jewellery exhibition and sale​." Henley Standard  (31/12/ 2018).  Read

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