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Parure N° 1


Eye, Nose & Mouth Piece

Sterling silver, pearls


Louise-Marie d'Orléans was the first queen of the Belgians. A woman who was well-loved and blessed with a prosperous life. Yet a life overshadowed by loneliness and severe melancholy.

This jewellery set (or parure) tries to find the line that lies between outer beauty and inner depression. Away from the body, these three peculiar pieces show elegant innocence and fairness. Once worn however, each piece reveals itself as a stifling instrument. As if these ornaments were made to enslave their wearer and silence all the senses. Tears find no escape, breathing feels exhausting and words get caught up in the chains.

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Parure N° 2


Ring Piece & Ear Pieces

Sterling silver, soapstone


Although adored by her people, queen Louise-Marie was captured in a loveless marriage. This parure commemorates her obligation to a heartless contract.


The jewellery set consists of an engagement ring and two ear pieces. The ring bears a stone that, both literally and figuratively, got out of hand and is weighed down by moralizing symbols. As if its heaviness disabled the newly engaged woman. The ear pieces embrace the same stone, sealing both ear cavities and preventing her from being herself.

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